Vegetable Gardening

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Vegetable Gardening

Some tips:

l Gather your gardening tools: a hoe, gardening gloves, a spade or spading fork, a steel bow rake, a trowel, a wheelbarrow, a garden hose long enough to water all parts of the garden and a wide-brimmed hat.

l Most vegetable plants need good drainage and at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. Choose your plot accordingly, because too much sun in our climate will cook your plants.

l Test the soil to figure out what it needs before you plant – digging, organic matter, fertilizer. Visit your local nursery for recommendations.

l Select transplants that are about as tall as they are wide, dark green in color, vigorously growing, and healthy.

l Water your garden , check daily because it can dry out very quickly in our climate.

l Add mulch around your plants to control weeds, prevent moisture loss and discourage pests.

l Thinning your plants will increase fruit growth.

l Weed early and often. When you see a weed, immediately pull it up by the roots. Weeds steal nutrients from your vegetables.